100 is the Magic Number for Blog Posts – Exercise #1

One of our recent speakers at PBN gave us some great insight as we seek to grow our business through networking. Face-to-face contact is a key ingredient to many successful businesses, but if you are not online with fresh content being added regularly, you will miss out on many of those potential face-to-face encounters that equate to new clients. These are all valid points that were discussed in a previous blog post. Networking doesn’t just happen in person, it typically begins online!

businessAs part two of our Old Dog, New Dog post, here we will go into detail about why and how your blog should take up a spot on your weekly to-do list. If you have a blog, but do not post to it regularly, and just don’t feel it is serving you very well, there is a good reason for that. First, it will take approximately 100 blog posts on your site before “the magic happens,” according to speaker and blogging expert Renee Groskreutz.

100 Blog Posts

Why is 100 the magic number? Because it is at that point Google and your potential clients will take you, and your business, seriously. Google will begin placing you higher on their keyword searches, and potential clients will begin considering your content “comment worthy” and begin to organically share your content with their sphere of influence.

Renee, our expert mentioned above, gives us Four Different Exercises we can do as business owners to ensure we are getting the most out of our blogging efforts, an

Exercise #1 – Categories

In order for your blogging platform to best reflect your business and remain congruent with all your marketing efforts (which includes face-to-face networking, one-on-one meetings, email campaigns, websites, direct mail, radio, TV and print ads, and social media), you need to have established no more than 5 categories within your niche.

First, brainstorm and come up with your topics. For instance, if your business is Travel, your categories could be: Trip Planning, Travel Safety, Packing Tips, Finding the best deals, Family Vacations, Couple’s Retreats, Stay-cations, Travel Rewards, etc.


Once you have your list, take some time to learn about Google’s Keyword Planner. Information on how to get your free account can be found here:  https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool.

Utilize the Keyword Planner to determine which of your categories can be adjusted to fit a commonly searched term matching your category. 

Select Your Top 5 Categories

Once your Top 5 Categories are selected, as your final step to Exercise 1, be sure you know the category enough to spill out at least ten different blog posts regarding that category. For example, if the category is “Travel Tips,” Your list might look like,

    • Top ten tips for traveling with your family
    • The 3 biggest mistakes people make while going through airport security
    • How to find the best travel agent to help you plan your trip
    • Pros and Cons of basing a trip on Travel Rewards
    • And so on…

If you cannot easily come up with at least 10 blog posts for that category, go back to your list and pick a category in which you are more familiar, and run it through it your Google Keyword Planner again to be sure you are wording your category in the most search-friendly way possible.

We look forward to seeing your business grow as you become more intentional with your marketing focus! Stay tuned for Exercises 2 – 4 in some upcoming posts!

Stay tuned to this website and blog for more updates, stay informed through our FB page, and connect with PBN on and off line through MeetUp.com!

Written By: Jennifer Jodziewicz   –   JJ Hummingbird Co. – where words take flight



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Business Owners: The Old Dog and the New Dog


Different personality types can affect the way a business owner views the purpose an operation of their business.  Other than morals, ethics, and the IRS, there really is no right or wrong way to run your business. It’s all about personal preference and the level of success in mind to achieve.

Business Owner “the mechanic”

Let’s call this first business owner “the mechanic.” They know the product of their business inside and out –they’re the expert in their field and no one questions their knowledge. However, the business end of the business is off their grid. As long as they can do something with their hands, can pay their bills, have a good meal here and there, and their bookkeeper keeps the IRS happy, they’re happy. Their clients come in mainly from word-of-mouth referrals and they see no reason to change their ways, grow their business, increase their services, or expand their impact on the market. That old dog wants nothing to do with new tricks.

Business Owner: “the visionary”

Then, we have the new dog, the visionary. They’ve had ten ideas and started ten businessbusinesses just last week. They thrive in the chaos of a start-up, but as soon as things calm down and become more systemized and process driven, they’re on to the next big thing. They’re great at giving orders – terrible at follow through. They have a ton of passion and knowledge about the business end of business, but never stick with anything long enough to become a master of it, or an expert in their field – and the LOVE it! Their clients stream in from flash sales, pay-per-click ads, and cold-market media.

These business owners don’t really have much in common except one thing – they both need clients and customers to survive.

Market research shows that regardless of HOW a potential client hears about you, *61% of them will research you, your business, and the products and services you offer ONLINE before ever making a purchase.

Of those 61%, how many actually filter through your doors? Whether you’re the mechanic, the visionary, or somewhere in between, you not only need an online presence, but you need to engage, connect, offer items of value, and prove your worth before a potential client ever meets you face-to-face.

How? Content – video, white papers, special reports, product reviews, free online assessments, webinars, giveaways, and… if all that is too much to take on right now, there is one simple thing you can do. Yep, you probably guessed it – you need to have at bare minimum, a regularly produced blog (small online article) that highlights your area of expertise and why you outshine everyone else in your field.

Business Owners Need to Blog

Why is having a regularly updated blog so important? No one likes to be sold to anymore. Everything has now shifted to online relationship marketing and customer service (warm market media), not ad campaigns and direct mail. It takes a lot longer these days to businesscultivate and engage a new client. Do you really want them to see the same stagnant, outdated information they saw last time they visited your site? That’s not a way stay memorable or keep them coming back.

We’ll have a follow-up post that will give some highlights from a recent speaker we had at PBN, who gave us a step-by-step guide on how business owners – the old dog, the new dog, and everyone else in between – can stay relevant and connected to clients in today’s marketplace.

Stay tuned to this website and blog for more updates, stay informed through our FB page, and connect with PBN on and off line through MeetUp.com!

Written By: Jennifer Jodziewicz   –   JJ Hummingbird Co. – where words take flight




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Networking – You Get Out of It What You Put In

Lets get this straight a networking group is formed to meet the needs of both parties and is not just a love fest. You get out of a networking group what you put into it. You network with friends because you like them, but you can’t just do business with people who are friends, otherwise your business won’t last.

Professional Networking

PBN Logo

PBN Logo

Professional Networking meetings allow you to meet fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, share your knowledge and show your leadership as an expert in your field. Through these groups you can explore Business Opportunities that you might not otherwise come across. Most groups have their rules and exclusivity so you need to understand how each group works. You should meet with the leader and understand how the group works.

How to Get Business Referrals

The heart of any Professional Networking group is the art of giving and receiving referrals and to get referrals people need to know like and trust you. So you can’t just go and pitch your product and service to each person and expect to do business.  They need to see you bring value and have something to offer.

Part of Professional Business Networking is having one-on-ones with individual members of the group. This allows you to get to know people, they will know what you are looking for, and you will know what they are looking for. You will then know the type of people you should refer to that person. It is a great idea to keep a journal to keep pertinent information on everybody you meet so you know their business and what they need for a referral.


Don’t go to a networking meeting and try sell everyone in the room your product and service. Be consistent, turn up to the meetings regularly and show value. With consistency you will build the trust and people will get to know & like you. By building Networking Skills the referrals will begin to flow and your business will grow.

Finally, when you decide to attend networking meeting don’t try and do too many meeting in a week otherwise you will spend more time at networking meetings than closing business.

Written by: Andy Lockhart



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Free Publicity!

We are all either representing a business, or own a business where we are busy filling the needs of people all around the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex (and beyond). We do this by utilizing our talents and areas of expertise to serve others because we are driven by a passion in our hearts to do so.

One of the biggest challenges every business owner faces (aside from cash flow) is how to inform the masses of the problem-solving services they provide.

Simply existing as a business in this world does not mean people automatically flock to your door. So how can you inform the most people possible, for the best price possible, of your incredible business?

Continue reading

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PBN Has Moved to Flower Mound

After nearly 13 years at the IAAM building in Coppell Professional Business Networking has moved to a custom new facility in Flower Mound. If you are serious about getting business referrals, this is the place to be!


The new facility is based at 3700 Forums Dr, Suite 111, Flower Mound, TX, 75028 and has a wonderful custom build meeting room and catering facilities.

Professional Business Networking (PBN) is a Business-to-Business (BTB) Networking group that starts with the principle of building a foundation of mutually supportive and empowering relationships.

Business-to-Business Networking is about the success, confidence, and accomplishments achieved by working together and connecting people for mutually beneficial results.

BTB Networking is committed to advancing day-to-day business efficiency and productivity, attaining goals, and realizing a balanced life. BTB Networking gives you the power to fulfill your professional and personal dreams.

This is a GREAT group! We are not shy about saying “SHOW ME THE MONEY”!

IMG_1988If you just networked with 5 – 10 people out of all the people that show up and they EACH sent you one referral a month, HOW WOULD THAT CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS?

Networking can make you alot of money if you work it!

PBN meets every Wednesday from 11.30-1.00 and has great speakers, mastermind and POD networking events to help improve your business.

What are you doing to grow your business?

Come along and check it out?

See you next Wednesday?

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Nerium for Every Age Part 2: Flirty Thirties

Scientific breakthroughs have led to some exciting developments in skincare, and Nerium is at the center of it all, using cutting-edge research to develop products that can help skin to look its best at any age. In your thirties, you’re probably feeling confident in your life Nerium AD Thirties 300x168 nerium product nerium international and at home in your skin, so it’s important to treat that skin right. Nerium has some suggestions to help you incorporate skincare into your busy life, in order to prolong your skin’s youthful appearance.

To care for skin properly, you need to understand what’s happening to it during this decade.

In your thirties, skin cell renewal gets slower, and damage from sun, smoke, and pollution begins to cause collagen fibers to loosen. This causes sagging and the appearance of red spider veins, and as subcutaneous fat begins to form ridges, you may see some wrinkles begin to appear. Typically, darker skin wrinkles less quickly than pale skin, because it is protected by extra pigment and lipids, but genetic factors and personal habits come into play as well.

By your thirties, you should have established a good skincare regimen.

This should include thorough cleansing and moisturizing, as well as protection from the sun. The thirties are hectic, though, as women establish their families and careers, and sometimes it’s easy to let self-care fall by the wayside. Keep up your skincare routine, because the way you treat your skin during these years will have a huge impact on how it functions in the upcoming decades.

What you put into your body has an effect on your skin’s appearance.

A diet rich in antioxidants will fight free radicals in the environment, so eat plenty of vitamins A, B, C, and E. These nutrients help the skin repair itself and produce stabilizing enzymes. What you drink matters, too, so drink plenty of water, and avoid excessive alcohol consumption, which can rob skin of vital nutrients and cause blood vessels to dilate.

It’s more important than ever to renew your skin at night.

Use a product like NeriumAD, developed by the scientists at Nerium InternationalSkincare, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and other signs of aging skin. Proved in third-party trials, NeriumAD has received rave reviews from customers who can’t believe the Nerium AD for men in thirties 300x168 nerium product nerium international improvement in their skin in a matter of weeks. In your thirties, you may already be starting to see fine lines and wrinkles, but if you started using an effective night cream in your twenties, you probably already look more youthful than many of your peers. Made from premium ingredients, like the extract of the Nerium oleanderplant, NeriumAD will nourish your skin and provide dramatic results.

Beauty sleep is not a myth.

When you’re running full tilt all day long, it may be tempting to squeeze a few more hours out of your day by giving up some sleep. However, as far as your skin is concerned, this is a big mistake. Getting the proper amount of sleep will work wonders for your complexion.

Your thirties are a busy time, as you become more established in your life, and more confident in yourself. Make the most of this time, and take care of yourself, by living a healthy lifestyle, making time to relax, and incorporating products like those made by Nerium, to keep your skin at its best. To learn more about Nerium skincare products or to read Nerium reviews, please visit our website. Then connect with us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Pinterest to learn more.

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Nerium for Every Age Part 1: Roaring Twenties

If you know anything about Nerium International, you know that the company strives to provide the very best breakthrough products for skincare, rooted in science and proven Nerium Skin Care Results 300x168 nerium product effective. Your twenties are such a great time for your skin, while it’s still fresh and glowing, that you may not be too concerned with your skincare routine. However, research indicates that this is a great time to start being proactive in order to prevent future problems. Here, Nerium offers suggestions for steps you can take in your twenties to preserve that gorgeous skin for as long as possible.

Start with a clean face.

Keeping your skin as clean as possible is the best way to promote its health, and a gentle cleanser in the morning is a great way to start the day. A few times each week, you will also want to exfoliate, because skin cell renewal slows in your twenties.

Apply a good sunscreen everyday

Never start your day without applying moisturizer with sunscreen, because dermatologists say UV rays from the sun are responsible for about 80 percent of the skin’s aging.

Always remove makeup, every single night!

Always remove makeup, every single night! Never make an exception to this rule, as makeup can clog pores and cause acne flare-ups. Once you’ve removed your makeup, clean your face thoroughly, to remove the dirt and grime of the day, before applying a night cream.

Use a nightly treatment that is proven to improve skin.

NeriumAD is one such product, developed by the scientists at Nerium Skincare, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and other signs of aging skin. Proven in third-party trials, NeriumAD has received rave reviews from customers who can’t believe the improvement in their skin in a matter of weeks. Finding a product that reduces redness and the size of your pores may seem Nerium Results Man 300x168 nerium product more appealing in your twenties than a wrinkle reducer, and the beauty of NeriumAD is that it will continue to serve you well over the course of several decades. NeriumAD is made using premium ingredients, like the extract of the Nerium oleander plant, which nourish your skin and provide dramatic results.

An overall healthy lifestyle will help protect your skin’s youthful luster.

Getting plenty of sleep, maintaining a healthy, steady weight, and drinking plenty of water are all important in the care of your skin. If you smoke, quit. If you’ve never smoked, congratulate yourself, because smoking robs your skin cells of oxygen and causes premature aging. Taking care of your body will not only lead to a healthier you, it will also give you more beautiful skin.

Caring for your skin in your twenties can lead to a beautiful future; Nerium wants to help you keep healthy skin throughout your lifetime. To learn more about Nerium skincare products or to read Nerium reviews, please visit the Nerium website. Then connect with us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Pinterest to learn more

Submitted by Andy Lockhart, Independent Brand Partner, Nerium International

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Orchid Care

Orchids, orchids everywhere. They used to be grown only by the privileged class who had conservatories—and gardeners—on their estates. But with at least 28,000 species and well over 300,000 registered cultivars, Orchidaceae comprises the largest family of flowering plants in the world, and more varieties are being developed all the time. Today, you can pick one up at the corner grocery or your home improvement store for less than $10 any day of the week.

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Home’s by Design – a Visit to Cascais Portugal

Cascais streetIn the nineteenth century, the Portuguese royal family turned the tiny fishing village of Cascais into a resort, and in 2011 the titans of business brought international attention to the Portuguese Riviera by selecting it for the start of the 34th America’s Cup, one of the most prestigious and oldest yachting races in the world.

Not many North Americans visit Portugal, and when they do it’s usually just Lisbon. But just a half hour away, Cascais is a mixture of old-world charm and cosmopolitan restaurants and boutiques. Where else would you find peacocks roaming by colorful, modern outdoor art sculptures and millionaires sunbathing on yachts next to fisherman repairing nets on colorful wooden boats?

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The Science Behind Nerium Skin Care: Part 1

Nerium offers skincare products that are rooted in scientific discovery, and make use of the latest research to provide dramatic results. Committed to helping people live their lives to the fullest, Nerium continually strives to develop cutting-edge products, designed to change lives for the better. With NeriumAD, the company moves another step closer to fulfilling its promise.

Nerium International Skin Care 300x111 nerium facts nerium
NeriumAD is the result of groundbreaking research, utilizing a patent-pending extraction process of, the Nerium Oleander plant, using a method that preserves its uniquely beneficial properties. The result is a product proven in third-party clinical trials to reduce the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, and more. The Nerium oleander plants themselves are grown at environmentally responsible and earth-friendly farming operations, located in the United States. In this way, Nerium can ensure the quality and consistency of their product, by overseeing the entire process of creating Nerium skincare products, from seed to production.

This is directly in line with the company’s philosophy of creating products based on responsible practices and evidence based research. Says Dennis Knocke, CEO of Nerium Biotechnology, “We strongly believe in sustainable, honest, and accountable practices, as well as maximum disclosure of information to meet regulatory compliance. We are committed and dedicated to offering skincare solutions that are based on proven science and actual customer success. We will not release any product without safety and evidence-based proof of product performance.”

Nerium’s commitment to quality means no compromise on product ingredients, and it also means a marketing approach based on informing and educating consumers. The result of a partnership between Nerium Skincare, Inc. and Nerium International, LLC, Nerium’s relationship marketing plan relies not only on the experience of the company leadership, but also on a dedicated network of Brand Partners. The high level of support these Brand Partners receive from Nerium gives them the foundation they need to succeed, and they are provided with the very best in personal and professional development opportunities, as well as the marketing tools and training required to achieve both financial success and a strong sense of community.

Committed to offering skincare products based on scientific discovery and proven results, Nerium stands poised to change the face of skincare. To learn more about Nerium skincare products then connect with us on Facebook to learn more.

Posted Provided by Andy Lockhart, PBN Member, Independent Brand Partner, Nerium International


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