Excel’s Concatenate – Put strings together

Many times you have data in two separate columns that would really be better shown in a single column. Excel has a way to make this easy.  On the Formulas tab, click on the Text category.  On the list is the Concatenate command.

concatenate Function

concatenate Function

Select the Concatenate command and the Function Arguments box will open.




Select the cell you want to use for the first part of your concatenated string. In this example that is the first name.  Then we need to have a space between the first name and the last name. To create the space, simply click into the Text 2 field and press the space bar. This generates ” ” or the literal space.

Now click into Text 3 and select the last name cell. Notice each time you click into the last Text box a new one shows up. This will happen up to 255 times.  Now that you have the first name, space, and last name click the OK button and in your destination cell you will have the full name.

This technique works for text strings and numbers. So if you want to put City, State and Zip together, you can use the concatenate function to accomplish exactly that.

Check back for more shortcuts and tips to be more effective and efficient using Microsoft Office applications.

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