100 is the Magic Number for Blog Posts – Exercise #1

One of our recent speakers at PBN gave us some great insight as we seek to grow our business through networking. Face-to-face contact is a key ingredient to many successful businesses, but if you are not online with fresh content being added regularly, you will miss out on many of those potential face-to-face encounters that equate to new clients. These are all valid points that were discussed in a previous blog post. Networking doesn’t just happen in person, it typically begins online!

businessAs part two of our Old Dog, New Dog post, here we will go into detail about why and how your blog should take up a spot on your weekly to-do list. If you have a blog, but do not post to it regularly, and just don’t feel it is serving you very well, there is a good reason for that. First, it will take approximately 100 blog posts on your site before “the magic happens,” according to speaker and blogging expert Renee Groskreutz.

100 Blog Posts

Why is 100 the magic number? Because it is at that point Google and your potential clients will take you, and your business, seriously. Google will begin placing you higher on their keyword searches, and potential clients will begin considering your content “comment worthy” and begin to organically share your content with their sphere of influence.

Renee, our expert mentioned above, gives us Four Different Exercises we can do as business owners to ensure we are getting the most out of our blogging efforts, an

Exercise #1 – Categories

In order for your blogging platform to best reflect your business and remain congruent with all your marketing efforts (which includes face-to-face networking, one-on-one meetings, email campaigns, websites, direct mail, radio, TV and print ads, and social media), you need to have established no more than 5 categories within your niche.

First, brainstorm and come up with your topics. For instance, if your business is Travel, your categories could be: Trip Planning, Travel Safety, Packing Tips, Finding the best deals, Family Vacations, Couple’s Retreats, Stay-cations, Travel Rewards, etc.


Once you have your list, take some time to learn about Google’s Keyword Planner. Information on how to get your free account can be found here:  https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool.

Utilize the Keyword Planner to determine which of your categories can be adjusted to fit a commonly searched term matching your category. 

Select Your Top 5 Categories

Once your Top 5 Categories are selected, as your final step to Exercise 1, be sure you know the category enough to spill out at least ten different blog posts regarding that category. For example, if the category is “Travel Tips,” Your list might look like,

    • Top ten tips for traveling with your family
    • The 3 biggest mistakes people make while going through airport security
    • How to find the best travel agent to help you plan your trip
    • Pros and Cons of basing a trip on Travel Rewards
    • And so on…

If you cannot easily come up with at least 10 blog posts for that category, go back to your list and pick a category in which you are more familiar, and run it through it your Google Keyword Planner again to be sure you are wording your category in the most search-friendly way possible.

We look forward to seeing your business grow as you become more intentional with your marketing focus! Stay tuned for Exercises 2 – 4 in some upcoming posts!

Stay tuned to this website and blog for more updates, stay informed through our FB page, and connect with PBN on and off line through MeetUp.com!

Written By: Jennifer Jodziewicz   –   JJ Hummingbird Co. – where words take flight




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