Networking – You Get Out of It What You Put In

Lets get this straight a networking group is formed to meet the needs of both parties and is not just a love fest. You get out of a networking group what you put into it. You network with friends because you like them, but you can’t just do business with people who are friends, otherwise your business won’t last.

Professional Networking

PBN Logo

PBN Logo

Professional Networking meetings allow you to meet fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, share your knowledge and show your leadership as an expert in your field. Through these groups you can explore Business Opportunities that you might not otherwise come across. Most groups have their rules and exclusivity so you need to understand how each group works. You should meet with the leader and understand how the group works.

How to Get Business Referrals

The heart of any Professional Networking group is the art of giving and receiving referrals and to get referrals people need to know like and trust you. So you can’t just go and pitch your product and service to each person and expect to do business.  They need to see you bring value and have something to offer.

Part of Professional Business Networking is having one-on-ones with individual members of the group. This allows you to get to know people, they will know what you are looking for, and you will know what they are looking for. You will then know the type of people you should refer to that person. It is a great idea to keep a journal to keep pertinent information on everybody you meet so you know their business and what they need for a referral.


Don’t go to a networking meeting and try sell everyone in the room your product and service. Be consistent, turn up to the meetings regularly and show value. With consistency you will build the trust and people will get to know & like you. By building Networking Skills the referrals will begin to flow and your business will grow.

Finally, when you decide to attend networking meeting don’t try and do too many meeting in a week otherwise you will spend more time at networking meetings than closing business.

Written by: Andy Lockhart

About Andy Lockhart

Hi my name is Andy Lockhart and I am a marketer. I live near Dallas, Texas with my wife, our 2 boys, 4 1/4 dogs and a Bearded Dragon. If you have seen any of my video's you will know I am not from around these parts. I grow up in England and moved to the US 10 years ago and have lived in Texas ever since. Please connect with me on Facebook at or email me at If you want to know to learn more about me please visit
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