Why Network Out a Professional Building

After networking for 10 years meeting in restaurants every  week, these are the things I discovered:.

  • Eating the same type food EVERY week becomes very boring.  I ate Mexican food every week for years, and could not stand it for years after.
  • The loudness of the restaurant is a distraction to communications.
  • The waiters and waitresses are constantly interrupting the meetings.
  • It’s much harder to get NAME speaker to come to a meeting held in a restaurant.

So after years of this, I had a vision.  I had never met or joined any group that did a group within a professional business setting.  I could envision a classy room in a classy building that would attract great guest speakers because it projected class and professionalism.

We started Professional Business Networking (PBN) in an  office building and have been able to attract incredible speakers, such as:  Lou Ferrigno, Bryan Dodge, Jeff  Crilley, Scot Murray and many, many more.    PBN is always booked months in advanced with great speaker and it brings an aura of credibility to the group…because the best speakers WANT to come share their message within this setting.

One of the other HUGE benefits of PBN, is that a variety of  home cooked meals are brought in every week, rather than only having to choose from the same options week to week!  One week we could have Chinese, then Mexican, then Italian…and if David Smith has his way…Hamburgers and Hot dogs with all the fixings!

If you would like to see how we network, come join  us.  We meet every Wednesday from 11:30 – 1:00 (1:15 – 1:30 when we have a special speaker) at the IAAM Building at 635 and Fritz Avenue, in Coppell, Texas.

I picked this location with the idea that it had to be  close to the airport and thus a central location to all of DFW.  When I ran a group closer to Dallas, it was difficult to get guests from the west of the airport.  When I had a group meeting toward Fort Worth, it was difficult to get guests from the east of the airport.  Being just North of  the DFW airport we attract people from all over the Metroplex.  We have people travel from Fort Worth, Dallas, Southlake, Grapevine…as well as from Carrollton, Flower Mound, Plano, Frisco and even Allen.


About sandyluedke

Sandy has been a successful realtor in North Texas for over 25 years. She was consistently a top 100 producer in Texas, with Remax for many years. Sandy founded Ideal Real Estate Group as a way to not only continue to do what she does best...selling and listing homes...but as a broker to share her vast knowledge by mentoring new or struggling agents.
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1 Response to Why Network Out a Professional Building

  1. Great blog. Looking forward to making our center a networking hub soon.

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